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“Prime minister bush!”

What if america was a parlimentary democracy!
The rise of george w bush!
  In 1981,the liberal party under jimmy carter lost to the conservitives led by former movie actor and former califonia premer ronald reagon.reagon steped down as leader of the tories,reagon was replaced by his finance minister george w bush. Bush won a mandate in 1989 but lost in 1993 to former Arkansas premer bill Clinton and the liberals.
Clinton and the liberals won a second mandate in 1996. Conservitives hoped for a victory under bob dole. Dole seamed old and tired. Clinton apealed to younger vioters and older voters.
Dole resigned as party leader the day after the election. Jack kempt was the interem leader until a new leader could be chosen at a leadership convention.
There was a lot of interest in runing for the top post. Despite the poor showing in the election,tories had done well in various provincial elections. They had gained some ground lost in 1992. They were hopeful that they may be able to return to government in 2001 with the right message and mesinger.
   Canidates included tory budget critic john kasich,senator orwin hatch,senator john Ashcroft ,former ambassador alen keys, bissinessman steve forbes,former cabinent minister lamer alecxander,Elizabeth dole,activist gary baur. There were two canidates that seam to be the two front runers! Those were george w bush and john mcain.
John mcain was from a military family . His grand farther and farther were admiral in american navy. Mccain was a prisinor of war during america’s conflict witg viet nahm. He endured cruelty at thw hanoi hilton. After his release he went to law school. He was apounted to the senate replacing bary goldwatter at the reconmandation of then premer reagen. Mccain worked on reforming campaign finance reform. 
George w bush was the son of former pm george hubert walker bush. His grandfather was a senator from conecticut. Bush had been a oil compony executive. And texas ranger part owner. In 1994 he led the conservitives to victory in texas ousting the government of liberal ann richards. 
Bush had positioned himself as a blue tory. He had tried to identify himself with reagen. Mccain tried to present himself as a man of the people. While some said that was disinjenous sence he spent the last 11 years in the non elected uper chamber. Mcain touted his suport for campaign finance reform. Bush apealed to religius voters,something prime minister reagan had done.
Bush was considered the front runer but mccain had suport as well. Former deputy prime minister dan qayle considered runing for leader but droped out. The confrence was sheduled for sumer of 1997. 
Bush ran on his record in texas. Mccain had never served an elected office. The orther canidates hoped to break though.
At the leadership convention ,dole,Ashcroft and kasich droped out after the first balot. Hatch droped out on the second. At the end it was between keys,mcain and bush.
The back and forth between the bush and McCain camps had been contentious. The two agred on many isues but there alies hated the orther. Rather then drag it on. McCain droped out and endorsed bush before the final vote all but asuring a bush victory.
Bush became leader of the conservitive party,augest 27th 1997. After delivering a victory speach declaring the tories are back in town,bush flew to the nations capital in philidalfia. Without a seat in parliament he had to lead behind the veil until he won a bi Election.
In October he won a seat in texas, ironically the same seat he lost in his younger years. Bush took over the party. Now he would go from leading one of the largest provinces to leading the opisistian to the popular bill clinton.
End of part one