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Speaker gaphardt part two

  Speaker of the house richard gaphardt encouraged the parties to work together as he took the gaval as speaker. He called for rejection of the politics of personal destruction. He urged republicans and democrats to do the work of the American people not engage in partisan bickering.
The house began work on the minimum wage increase. The minimum wage was passed in the house. They sent it on to the senate where it was passed with 57 yes and 43 no. It was signed into law by the president. The minimum wage went 5:18 to 5:85.
  Then the house worked on an economic stimulus pakege witch would give education tax credet was low income families. The pakege will lower taxis on the midle class. 
The republicans tried to loud it with amandments. Congresman ron paul put a buy American first provision. Congresman steve largent of Oklahoma put an amendment that would alow a moment or silience in the classroom. The bill stalled.
Domastic policy gave way to world afairs. The north atlantic treaty alience decided to take action against serbien president slobodon milosevic for his war crimes comited in Kosovo. President Clinton agried to paticipate in the mission. President Clinton asked for a use of force against serbia. He got it. With the house and senate got democratic control,it passed.
  While gaphardt decided to get his economic pakege passed without the republican amendments. The house pased the pakege.
In the senate, senate mojority leader tom dashle tried to get it without amendments. Senator john askroft of mosori denonced it as a waste of government mony. Ascroft staged a filibuster before the senate.
  There were democrats who had misgivings about it. Many felt that this was not the time to cut taxes on anyone. Gaphardt realy wanted a victory more then just a minimum wage increase.
  The pakege passed the senate on steptember fith 1999. The confrence commite pased a bill that excluded the agregrious parts. President Clinton signed the streghthen American families act. This was viwed as a huge victory for president Clinton and speaker gaphardt.
  There were some calls for gaphardt to run for president. Some saw him as a stronger canidate then vice president gore. Gaphardt who wanted to be speaker for a long time decided to pass on it. Many saw gaphardt as a more sutible sucsesor to Clinton then gore.
Could the democrats keep the house? Republicans tried to go to the middle under the leadership of robert Livingston of Louisiana. A sex scandal forced Livingston to anounce that he would not relection. This left the republican largly leaderless. While dick army was number two,he lacked suport to become leader.
Could the democrat keep control of the house. Gaphatdt was fairly popular. He enjoyed almost as much popularity as the president. With the presidential election ,there was a chance whoever won the presidentcy might create coatales.
To be continued