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President pat robertson

Pat Robertson was president of the united sates from 1989 to 1992 and then 1996 to 2001. He was a member of the republican party. He was elected from the sate of va.
Robertson was born in Lexington va in 1930. He was born gorden marion Robertson. He was naimed pat by his brother. His farther served as a u.s senator.
He graduated from Washington and lee university with a b.a in history. He waa drafted and chose to serve in the army. He served in korea. He spent most of his time in japan.
He graduated from yale law school but failed the new york bar exam. After converson to christianity he ended persuit a carer in law. In 1959 he graduated from new york school of divinity.
In 1961 he was ordaned as a southern Baptist missionary. He started the christian broadcasting network. He brought a public aces tv station in 1977. He created cbn university in 1977. It was renaimed regent university in 1989.
While many evangelicals suported Ronald reagon in 1981,manny evangelicals were unhappy with some of his decision including his apointment of sandra day ocorner to the surprime court.
Pat robertson decided to run for the presidentcy. He said he would run if he got a million signitures. He did.
He won iowa and shocked everyone by winning new Hampshire . He ran as an outsider. He tried to paint vice president bush as a moderate. There was also a high profile fight between vice president bush and senator bob dole.
Robertson was able to sicure enough deligates to win the nomination. In exchange for his wirhdrawl v.p bush got to deliver the keynote adress at the 88 convention in new orlions.
  Robertson ofered the vice presidentcy to bob dole. Dole terned it down. The republican establishment believed that Robertson would lose. Dole thought he could position himself as a party leader. A grown up in the party and beat president Dukakis in 1992.
Manny put presue on Robertson to pick gereld ford. Ford was too moderate. Manny feared that Robertson might defer to ford to his experience on the hill. Reagan ofered it to ford in 1980 but they could not work out am arangement both was happy with.
He considered senator pete wilson,pat Buchanan ,nick brady,x us senator jerimiah denton. Hr asked vp bush if we would be wiling to stay on as vp. That went no where.
He finally decided on general alexander haugue who served as secritary of sate to president Reagan. Hague tenure was short lived. Many warned him but Robertson needed a name and haugue agreed.
Robertson campaigned on a platform of eliminating the department of education,balenced budget amandment,banning pornograthy. He ran on mostly domastic isues.
Dukakis tried to depict him as a right ring zellot. Saturday night live had a skit where he asked for cbn donations at the oval office.
At the vice presidential debate,senator loyd benson tried to depict secitary haugue as a dr. Strange love.
Dukakas made several mistakes. As governor he alowed violent criminals to go on throughloughs.one of those criminal wilie horten commited rape and murder. As a debate he botched a questione about if his wife was raped and murdered would he want the death penalty.
In one incident he had a photo opp with him in a tank. He wanted to look like a commander in chief. He looked like a bafoon.
Robertson was able to get out the evangelical vote. It was only the group he won a mojoriry of. He won 48 percent of the vote. Governor Dukakis won 47. It was one of the cloest races in American history.
The democrats mantaned control of the house and senate. A lot of his legalization counted on congress. Congress would try to block a lot of his more contraversial parts of his aganda.
It was going to be a lot of fights with congress. The democrats were already saying that he did not have a mandate. It was going to be a long two years. There was no asurence that the republicans could regain control of either house of congress.