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Speaker dick gapheadt

In 1992, demicratic governor bill clinton ended the 12 years of republican presidents when he defeated george hubert walker bush in 1992. After trying to pass a health care bill ,the voters gave republicans control of both houses of congress for the first time in forty years.
Bill Clinton,who was already called the come back kid was able to pin the blame on a government shutdown on the republicans. The republicans had a weak nomine in senator robert dole of kanas and Clinton was relected. The republicans retaned control of congress.
  Ever sense the early days of the Clinton administration,there has been an investigation into a scandal involving the failed white water investment. During the investigation, it was uncovered that president Clinton had an afair with intern monica Lewinsky.
  Republicans under house speaker newt gingrich decided to persue empechment against Clinton. The democrats argued that this was about sex and did not amount to a high crime and misdemeanor.
Democrats running in the 1998 midterms hoped to make it a key campaign isue. House democrats hoped that oppisition to empeachment would return them to the mojority and make Richard gapheardt of mosorie speaker of the house.
Gaphadt had represented the st. Lois area in congres sense the 70s. He was house mojority leader until 1994. Gaphardt replaced tom foley of Washington sate as leader of the democrats in the house.
Gaphardt worked hard to retake the house in 1998. He was able to convince congreswomen jane harmon to remane in the house and not run for governor of California. They were able to assemble other good canidates as well.
The democrats were able to depict republicans as obstructionest . They depicted them as power hungery people who cannot win elections so they try to use tools like impeachment.
At the same time there was a series of infighting in the republican leadership in the house. Newt gungrich was finding his leadership hanging by a thread.
The democrats were able to win enough seats to control a smal mojority in the house. Gapheadrt was now poised to become speaker.
Newt gungrich quickly anounced that he would be leaving the house and steping down as republican leader. Republican would stil be in charge of the lame duck congress.
There was still the matter of impeachment. Newt wanted to go ahead with the vote to empeach. Many wanted him to take it off the agenda.
Gapheardt had a meating with newt. In exchange for haulting the vote on empeachment,gaphardt would ask for a censure vote on the president during the lame duck congress. Newt agreed.
While president Clinton publicaly signed off on it,he was angery with gapheadt. He wanted republican to go ahead with impeachment. He beleved it would destroy the party for some time. Gapheardt did not want the matter to follow the new seision. Gaphardt wanted to vote on minimum wage increase and a middle class tax cut and low income economic stimulus pakege. The two had quite an argument witch both camps called a brawl.
Right before the vote on censure was to be taken,us and british forces hit Baghdad in what was called operation desert fox. Publicaly gaphardt said he wilingly postponed the vote. Years later it came up that he was angery with the timing. He privately refered to it as operation monica.
The censure vote was held. All but twenty democrats voted yes. On the air the president sounded concilitory. Behind the scenes Clinton tried to have gapheardt replaced but there was no apitite within the cuckus to replace him.
Finally the time had come to sware in Richard gapheartdt as speaker. Republican leader robert Livingston gave up the gaval to gapheardt. Gapheardt called for republicans ane democrats to work together for the good of all Americans.
To be continued.