President elect mccain angry at own voters.

November 2008. 

A few days after the election.  

  last Tuesday,  senator john mccain of Arizona won a surprise upset defeating us senator berak obama of ilinois. He was able to garner 51 percent of vote.

Pols leading up to the election indicated that senator Obama was leading the arizona senator. On election night, mccain took an early leed. It was clear that he was going to win. 

What should have been a joyous occasion for the former prisoner of war turned politician was hardly that. Mccain’s campagn leadership tried to calm down the crowd after thundrous aplause at the mccain victory party.  

Mccain’s victory speech sounded more like a concession speech.  The senator noted that america failled to make history. America needs to have a government where all are represented. He pledged to be the president of all of the people. 

There are unconfirmed reports that the president elect apologized to senator obama. Neither has confirmed that report. 

Now sources within the Mccain campagn say that the president elect got visably angery at his victory. The claim is that while in a private room, he seemed distraught as he heard the returns. 

At one point the senator is rumored to say “come on america! You had the chance to elect the first African anerican president if the united sates and you picked an old white guy? What gives? Are you that racist ?” 

He also reportly was angery at an exit poll from west va that said voters factored in race when deciding who to pull the levor for.  

There are reports that president elect Mccain jokingly asked if he coukd concede to senator Obama anyways. 

This has fuled speculation that mr. Mccain may decide not to seek a second term. Aperently he told the senator from ilinois that he hopes he will make another run for the white house.

Many republicans are not happy with his comments.  House republican leader john boenor said that “the president elect waged a great campagn. He has nothing to be ashamed off. ” 

South Carolina senator jim demint was very perplexed by hia response.  “Who apologizes for winning? A winer does not! ” 

Talk show host rush Limbaugh was flabbergasted.  On his show, he refered to the senator as a sore winner. “You won fair and square senator Mccain.  ” 

Many on the right who were reluctant to support john mcain. Mccain was known for his centrist views and being a moderate. Mccain has run afowell for everything from his advacacy for campagn finance reform to pro imigration and cozzying up to the press.  Mcan took advantage of fracturing of the social conservitive colition formed by preaudent bush to win the nomination.  Though manny pluged there noised,  they did vote for him. Now they feel slighted at his words. 

Vice president elect  sarah palin who is well loved by the right defended her runing mate. “President mccain is mearly pointing out what many are thinking.  No one faught harder for the presidency then john mccain. The fact is that he would have been the first African American president. He is simply acknowledging that fact. ” she said.

South caronlina senator lindsy ghram , a friend and aly defended the president elect. “The new president is trying to set a tone for the nation. He wants to be the president of all the people.  I think it was a good tone.he is not one to spike the football. ” 

Response from the denocrats has been mixed. Congresman john lewis who was a cival rights leader said that he wanted his cake and to eat it too.  Congresman john cornyers of Michigan said that he sounded disingenuous.  

President bush said that the senator waged a good campagn.  He said that he had no reason to be ashamed. He did not understand his shame in wining the election.  Bush said that he believes that mccain is the best. Person to continue to wage the war on terror. 

The new president will have a lot of isues to deal with. The economic downturn and the housing crash will take up most of his agenda when he takes office in january.  He will also have to make decisions on trops in iraq and athganistan. 

The denocrats increased there seats in the house of representatives.  Speaker of the house nancy pilosi will be keeping her job. In the senate,democrats picked up seats in new hampshire,north carolina, Alaska,  oregon, new mexico, Colorado and va.   There will be a divided government. 

Both speaker pilosi and senate mojority leader hary haid have said that they will not be a rubber stamp to the president elect.  

Some fear that speaker pilosi might try to act as a prime minister. Some fear that the president might be a ruber stamp to the congress.  Vice president elect palin said that will not be the case. 


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