Pm bush part five

George bush led the tories to the first government sense his farther led the tories in the 1990s. His first year saw a difficult learning curve. The party became somewhat unpopular. Liberals became emboldened.
Then a series of terorist attacks on september 11,2001 transformed the prime minister’s aganda witch had been domestic agenda into a foregn policy government .
The post 911 boom for the government was short lived. A war in iraq hurt bush at his chances of another conservitive mandate.
It also put the liberal in a bind. The liberals believed that america was esentialy a center left nation. Bush like reagon tried to cater to the more right of center. They believed that the right would over reach. They could run on the economy and a government that does not catter to the richest one percent with unpaid for tax cuts.
After 911,the grits decided to suport the government in there move to combat terorism. Leader of the opisitian joe liberman asured American that we are one country and must come together.
Then pm bush decided to expand the war on terror to iraq. Liberman alowed his caucus to vote as they saw fit. Former vermont premer Howard deen vioced his oposistian to the war. He based his run for the leadership of the liberal on opisiatian to the war.
  Joe liberman had become very unpopular as leader. He was eliminated at the leadership confrence fairly early. While deen was seen as a contender he was forced to call it quit after the third round of voting.
It came down to senator john kery a former veterin of the viet nahm and trial lawer turned senator john edwards. Kerry got the leadership node.
Kerry was elected in a bi election wining the seat of john tirney. Kerry adopted a fighting the war better then the tories. He did not back a deen plan of leaving iraq. Kerry did deen in his shadow cabinent as national defense critic.
While nothing seamed to work in iraq. The insurgency seamed to be intensifying. Defense minister Rumsfeld ofered to resign but bush refused to acept it.
Bush campaign was based on a return to patrotism. It also included emphises on social isues. He apealed to people of faith. He tried to maintain a center right coilition.
He got some problems. Minister of defense colin powel anounced he would not be runing for relection. Powel was not happy with the direction of the government.
Tom ridge who an unelected cabinet minister opted not to run for election . As a former pensivania premer,ridge could have been elected quite esily. Ridge felt like the odd man out. Pm bush usually sided with deputy pm chaney and defense minister Rumsfeld over powel and ridge. He lost health minister tomy tompson who waa unhappy at getting the health portpholio.
Bush convinced his national security advisor condiliza rice to run for powel’s seat. He made it clear that if rice failed to win election to the house of comons,he would have her in his cabinent any ways.
  The pm decided to call an election in january. On January fith 2005,He asked governor general clint Eastwood to disolve parliment. The other parties cried fowel. They said he should not hold an election in the middle of winter.
The liberal had a slight edge. A lot of media pundeta believed john kerry would be the next prime minster.
The party never came up with a firm platform on iraq. The various faction did not fully come together. While deen did suport kery there was clearly a rift between the two men.
While kerry tried to run on his record as a veteran. He commanded a swift boat . A group of veteran who called themselves swifboat veterans for truth doged him. They challenged his rhetoric after his return.
While bush apealed to social conservitives and like minded people. He brought up 911 but ignored iraq except to link it with the overall war on terror.
Several minucipalities including in new Jersey and sanfransisco began isuing mariege lisence to same sex couples. While bush was not ready to band same sex mariege,he did promise not to aprove it on the federal level. While kery was uncomited,bush hinted that he might especially where howard deen whose favored it was currently an advisor to leader kerry.
The pols showed a close race. There was even talk that the nexr government might be a minority government . Neighboring canada currently had a minority government under liberal leader paul marton. Both sides hoped to capture a mojority government.
Ralph nader hoped to increase there seats. Currently they have seven seats. Not enough to be a designated party in the house. Nader tried to atract deen liberals. As it turns out naders party lost two seats. They got a smaler percentage of the popular vote.
The day after the election ,pm bush anounced that he had political capital now and intended to spend it. He wanted to privitize the social insurence program. He intended to introduce it in his first year but got side tracked. Could he get it done in his second mandate?
End of part 5


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