The wake up episode two

I was stuned. I was almost numb. As the door shut, i tried to process it all. I had woken up groggy, disoriented.  It was a blur. I soon realized i was in a hospital bed. 

I had been in a coma for three months.  I lost four years of memory.i have no idea why.  I developed an infection.  The doctors beleve i will recover. There will be some rehab. Right now they don’t know how much will be required.  

Within those four years i changed. My life changed.  Apparently a young women named kendra attended my church. She was going to a community colege. She had become a Christian.  She and i became close. Eventualy our relationship went beyond a pastor and congregant.  

We dated and are maried. She is expecting twins. I have no menory of her.  I met her after my momories end. Why cant i remember?  

She is very affectionate.  I cant bring myself to embrace her. I dont remember anything.  I am not ready to embrace her not yet. Right now she is a complete stranger.  She knows everything about me. I find it quite strange. 

A nurse comes in. “I am candace the night nurse on this floor. ” the nurse said.  She was in her fifties.  “Hello. ” i said.

“I am pleased you have awoken. ” she said.  “I am too.” i said.  “I understand you have no menory of your  wife kendra. ” she said. “No i dont.  It is a bizare feeling. She knows details. Its seems we were prety close. ” i said.

“She was hear every single day. She never left your side. She has had a rough few months. Woried about you and growing two babies. She is a sweet lady. ” the nurse observed 

I am sure she was. I just need time to process all this.  It was shocking.  I wanted to give her a chance. I was so carefull who i let into my life. I must have carefully veted kendra. 

“We want to get you off the i.v and on to solid foods.  This will require baby steps. It wont be easy. It will take time. This entire process will take time. ” the nurse said.  

I felt weak.  After a time the nurse left the room. I was glad to have time to myself. I tried to reflect on everything.   

I just stared in the sky for a while. The nurse asked if i was ready for bed. I said i was.  She turned off the lights. 

I woke up the next morning.  They removed the iv. They would wait a bit before trying to get me started on solid foods.

 Kendra had got in her car. She went home. She took off her shoes. She looked at some pictures of her. One was our engagement picture. My sister took the picture.  I wore a white shirt and brown pants . She had a purple dress on. I had my arm around her.

She remembered. “Woa! Get closer to her tim!” melisa said. I got closer to her. “Get closer. You could park a sate between you too. ” melisa said. I got very close. “Put your arm around her. ” she said. Finaly he did so.”better!  ” missy said. She snaped the picture.

Kendra smiled. Then she picked another picture. She looked it over. It was a wedding pic. We were smiling in the picture. The third was the pregnancy announcement picture. 

She had to get away from the picture.she went to the bedroom.  She changed into a nightgowan. She got into bed. She got under a blanket. Her phone rang.  It was her morther in law. 

“Hi mom. ” she said.  Kendra called my mom mom. When Shw first got saved, the church kind of adopted her. My mom had her over for dinner frequently.  They had me over as well.i got to hang out with her often.

“How are you doing? ” she asked. “I am ok.” kendra answered. She thought back the tears.”i know it was hard for you. “My mom said.  “It was not him. It looked like him. Sounded like him. It was not him. This was a stranger. ” she said. 

“I am so sorry kendra.  Give him time. He is just in shock. ” my mom told her. She was crying.  “I know that. He seemed different. He was cold. Stoic.what if i never get him back. What if he never remembers?” she asked. 

“Even if he does not. You two fell in love once. You can fall in love again.  ” my mom said. “What if we cant?” she asked. “Give him time. ” my mom said.  

She and my mom talked for a while. She said her goodnights. She fell asleep. She woke up and realized that yesterday had really happened. I really woke up. I forgot everything.  She knew that i had no memory of her or of our life together. 

My parents came to see me.” i spoke to kendra last night. She was prety upset. ” my mom told me.” i figured. “I said. “Timothy.  She has been though a lot. She has a tough life. She is a sweet heart. She is the weaker vessel. ” my mom said. 

“She cares a great deal for you.  She has for a while now. ” my dad said. “I know.  I am just stuned. I never thought that i would be maried but would have no memory of that. ” i said. 

“I can understand how your feeling tomouthy. It seems unimaginable.  It seems sureel even fancifull. See things from her perspective.  She has wanted you to wake up. You have and you don’t remember her. She needs you. She need you to reasure her. She needs you” my mom said.

“I take it you two aprove of her.” i said. “We were friends with her before you two started dating. We took to her almost right away. The whole church did. ” my dad said.

“I have no conection with her.” i said.”she has a conection with you.” my mom said. ”  it is not all about you. Biblical love is self sacrificing. ” my dad said. I knew he was right. I wish i did remember. I want to remember. Every atempt failed. just could not remember. 

After a while my parents left. I did some rehab. I got dizzy trying to walk. It went faily well. The therapist was pleased.  He said i had a good first cession.  

I was back in my room. After a while kendra came to see me. She wore a pink top and skirt and flip flops. “Hi babe. ” she said. “Hi kendra. Mom said you were prety upset! ” i said. I could tell she had been crying. “I need you timmy. Your not hear.where is the tim i know? Its like you have been replaced by a changeling or your miror universe double or an android. ” she said. 

“Funy i thought you were an alien scientist or a refugee or something. ” i said. “I am your wife. I got the marriage license to prove it. I have wedding pictures. I have witness.  This is not a deception. Cant you remember something of us? Next to God and. Christ sacrifice on the cross my salvation and the indwelling of the holy sprit, your the best thing that ever hapened to me. The last few years have been phenomenal.  They meen nothing to you . to you they are neaningless. They never happened.they did happen. They do matter.  You cant just walk away. ” she said. 

“I know that.i am just in shock.  I remember everything until a certain point and then its gone. I don’t know why. I hope i do get it back. Your in live with me?” i asked. “Yes i very much am in love with you. You always say it is emotions and a choice. One big choice folowed up by little ones. ” she said.”i do tend to say that often. My gtandfarther told me that.”she said. “I know.  ” she said.

“How is it you know me so well? We have been marred what a year?” i asked. “Yes.   We have spent a lot of together.  I know you love ketchup. I know you drink your cofee black. I know more then facts.  Your my very best friend. That is no hyperbole.” she said.  

“I am in love with you? ” i asked. “Yes. You are. You told me not in words. I wish you could remember. I hope you regain your menory. Please dont shut me out. ” she told me. 

I would consider what she said. I just did bot know.  This wad so new. It was so unknown. 

Next up

Tim tries to bounch back form the coma. He tries to remember and get to know kendra. 


Wrong house

I’m jessa. I am a stay at home mother. I am 23 years old. I have three children ldren. A three year old son named jack jr,  a one year daughter named Jeannie and gracie who is a month old.  

My husband jack sr is pastor of gospel Baptist church.  We met at a Baptist college.  He grew up in independent fundamental Baptist circles. I was saved in high school.  I felt called to go to a Christtian college.  I was in the music  program. I met jack there.  He was starting an outreach group that would go to nearby churches. He needed a piano player.  

I had only been playing the piano for a short time. I was a novice at playing the piano.  He liked my spirit. He asked me to be there pianist.  The rest of the group knew each other. I was the odd one out. .

He included me.even let me sit shutgun. He pushed me at times. He  wanted me to do sing at a service.   He convinced me to. I adored him. I had developed a crush on him.   

I never thought he would date me. I was an outsider in many ways. He asked  me to be his date for the end of the year banquet.  I was shocked but said yes. I was at his side after that.  I realy never left.  

I completed my schooling. He took a mentorship at his dad’s church.  He worked ib ordination.  We were maried after i completed my studies. We were a team in every sense of the word.

He candidated at multiple churches.  Gospel baptist church eventually called him to pastor. It worked out well.  We loved the church and they loved us. 

We were hardly ever apart. It did happen on occasion. Once a year he went to a mans retreet at a nearby Baptist church. I went to a ladies retreet at the same church later on in the year. 

I missed him. I was glad that he was going.  He always loved going to it. I was happy for him. When jack jr got older he would be able to go with his daddy. For now the kids would stay with me. 

I made lunch for the kids. I got them ready for bed. I put jack jr down and Jeannie down for the night. I gave them good night kisses. I fed gracie then put her down. I went to my room. I changed into a night gowan.

I called my husband before i went to bed. He said he was having a good time. He missed me. I told him i missed him. We said goodnight. I got into bed. 

I got comfortable.  I missed him. I tried to relax. I tried to get myself shut down. Our street was prety qiet. We knew most of our neighbors.  We were right next to the church.  The street was very qiet during the night. 

I was starting to dose off. I heared a noise. It sounded like the door was being broken down.i was realy nervous. I swooped into action. I went into the door. I saw a large contingency of police officers in riot gear. They were heavily armed. It was a swat team. Why was the swat team hear? 

The cop aimed machine guns at me. They yelled and screamed at me to get on the ground. All three of my kids started crying.  I pleaded with them to stop but they did not. They slapped cuffs on me. They did not let me have a robe or to put shoes on. 

They searched room to room. They went though both floors. The kids cried. I could not comfort them. Jack jr was devisated. As was jeanie.

I was arrested and read my rights. I bagged to see my chuldren. They put me in a cop car. I waited in the car.i was woried about my kids. I could see them.  

I saw the leader of the swat team on the phone. He seam to be mad. He was yelling. 

I did not know what was happening at the time. Later on i learned what had gone on. The police got actionable intelligence that an internatuonal drug cartel had a safe hose on sawer street. The headquarters was on 113 sawer street Wilson new york. I lived on 113 sawer street new hampsire. They got the wrong house in the wrong sate. 

When he called he was questioned by his superior.  The superior told him of the mishap. His superior wanted me released.  He was angery. He wanted to see if i broke some law.  His superior wanted me released. 

The police reqested department if health and human services send a social worker. They were trying to find a place for my kids for the night.  A case worker had arived. 

The kids were given tedy bears. They were still distraght. The baby was inconsolable.  The lead police officer went to drew the case worker. “Drew. We got the wrong house. The lady in the house Jessa Parker is a pastor’s wife. The kids are to be released to her custody. ” the officer said.

Drew wanted to interview the kids. He wanted to evaluate them. The officer said no. The case worker was unhappy but could not go against it. 

They came to me. They removed the cuffs. “Mam. We got the wrong house. We are deeply sorry.  We are going to return the kids to your custody. ” the officer said. 

The swat team began to leave. I hugged my kids . i brest fed the baby to calm her down. Jack and jeanie held on to me. We went inside.  I called my husband and told him what happened.   He told me that he was heading home. He assured me he would get home as soon as he could. 

The neighbors came to see me. I assured them i was fine. I got calls from church people who heard it in the scanner. Finaly he arived. He ran to me and held me.  

We brought the baby’s basinate to the room. We let the kids sleep in our bed. He held me all night. The next week was hard.  All of us experience shell shock even gracie. 

We had a rough few weeks after. Eventually we bounced back. I did not like noises at night. We got though it. 

The end.


This is fiction. There were some similar events. They did not involve preachers family.  

The wake up

I was in a coma . i aperently colapsed in my office at the church. I was in a coma for thre months. The janitor found me. I woke up. I was very grogy. 

I realized i was a hospital. Perhaps a rehabilitation facility of some kind. I tried to find a call button. I looked around.  A door opened, it was a nurse.  

“Your awake?” the nurse asked. “Yes . i just woke up. How long have i been asleep?” i asked. “Three mounths. You were taken to western regonal hospital. Then hear. ” she said. 

“I see. I feel weak. ” i said. “You have been unconsciousness for a time. It will take a while for you to build up your strength.  ” she said. “Of course. ” i said. 

“The doctor is on his way. He will explane things.  Your family is hear. ” she said. “Does my mom and dad have power of attorney?” i asked. “No! I cant realy speak to that. ” she said.

I was realy confused.  How could it be anyone but mom and dad? How could it be someone else. I was stuned. 

In another area of the facility a young women was siting with my mom and dad. A hospital staff member went over to see them. “Kendra, tim id awake.  ” an official said. Kendra huged her mother in law. 

My parents held her hand. She ran as fast as she could to her to the hospital room. She just wanted to see me. 

The doctor walked in.  “Hi im doctor baket. ” he said. “Am i ok?” he asked. “Yes. You had a rare form of an infection to the brain. The infection has subsided. You should be fine. You are going to have to rebuilld your muscles. ” he said.  “I am not suprised. It is more due to atrophy then?” i asked. “Yes i am fairly sure that that is the case. Yes. ” the doctor said.

The door opened mom and dad and a lady i did not recognize enter. She was young. Early twenties perhaps. She had long hair placed into a poney tail. She wore a gray t shirt and green skirt and flip flops. 

“Mom dad. I am still causing you more gray hairs.” i said. “I was under no ilisuon that it was going to stop just because you hit adult hood Timothy.  ” my mom said. 

I huged my mom and dad. “You gave me quite a scare. ” she said. She had a bit of a belly. She did not look overwight. She looked like she had a baby bump. She wore a wedding ring. 

“Oh! ” i said. She seemed shocked by my answer. I wanted to ask her if she was. “We want to do some tests on you. Just to make sure. ” the doctor said. “Of corse. ” i said.  

I was put though an mri. Then i was brought back to my room. The doctor was pleased with my progress.  He said he wanted me to get back to eating solid food. 

“You should get some rest. ” the doctor said. “Can i visit a bit? ” i asked.”of course. ” the doctor said. Kendra went over to me. She started to take my hand. I pulled it away. 

“You don’t know who i am. Do you? ” she asked.” are you a hospital staff member? ” i asked. “Hardly! ” she said with an almost machivious smile. “She is your wife ” doctor baket asked.”my wife?” i asked. 

“Yes she is your wife timouthy. “My dad told me. I was stunned. I looked at my ring finger. There was an identation. “They took off your ring. I have it. ” she said..she got qiet. She looked defeated. She had it on a necklace. 

“Is memory loss due to the infection?” i asked. “Mostlikly yes. ” he said. “Will i regain my memory? ” i asked. “I honesty dont know tim.” the doctor said. “I see. ” i said. “We should let you and your wife talk.” the doctor said.  The doctor and nurses left. 

“We will leave you too for a bit. If you need anything.  Just ask. ” my dad said.  “Thanks dad.” i said. The two left the room. They closed the door. 

“Hi!” she said with a flirtatious smile. “Hi!” i said.  “So i have a thousand questiones. Am i still pastor of gospel baptist church?” i asked. “Of course. The church loves you and you love them. Your missed.  The deacons and some retired pastor have filled in. We have made due.” she said. 

“You have not preached or anything? ” i asked. “No. You have not.  ” she said with a laugh. “So am i not going evangelical have i?” he asked. “No. Your still fundimental independent baptist. ” she said. “Good. ” i said.

She tried to take my hand. I retracted.”i cant yet.  ” i said. She tried not to get offended. “Look your not in an alternate universe or holowdeck or some kibd of hipnoses. This is not ship in a bottle, frame of mind,parallels or twilite the enterprise episode.  ” she said. I chuckled. “Your a star trek fan?” i asked. “I was not aware that not being one  was an option. ” she said. “Probably not” i said. 

“I realy am your wife?  This is not a deception i promise that. ” she said. “Your going to have to give me time to ease into this.  ” he said ” alright. ” she said. She was not happy but she tried to hide it.

“What is your naime? I dont even know what your naime is. ” i said. “My name is kendra. I am suprised that you dont remember me at all. ” she said. “How did we meet?” i asked. She smiled.  “Well i had just accepted christ as my savior not long before i was to go off to the university. I wanted to find a church. I worked at jenmart with rachele Dolan.  We got talking and i told her i was looking for a church..she invited me to come to gbc. I did. You introduced yourself to me. I kept coming to the church. ” she said. 

“How did we become a couple? ” i asked. She smiled again. When i ask her questiones about us, she smiled. “The church was amazing. Everyone welcomed me with open arms. You were very welcoming. You were a bit detached at first. I went to the church more and more. I saught membership. Once i welcomed into the church,  you got more inviting. You started to let your gaurd down.i started a bible study group on campus. You helped me out. You and i worked closely together on it. You asked me to play the piano when mrs. Sullivan  was unable to do it. You asked me to be a designated substitute sunday school teacher.  When i came back to the school after sumer, you smiled when you saw me. I had not consider a relationship with you.  We hemed and hawed for a while. I asked you out for cofee. You said yes.  We started dating after a time. You purposed on my graduation day.  ” she said. 

“Your a newer believer? ” i asked.  ” yes. I was very wordly. I never thought about the lord. A cousin got saved and dragged me to church. I was saved shortly after. I alnost did not go to college.  I decided to go though with colege. I met you.” she said. 

“Um! I have another question. I dont know to ask it. ” i asked her.” you want to know if i have a bun in the oven?” she asked. “I would not put it quite that terms but yes!” i answered. “I am having twins. Girls.  ” she said. “How far along are you?” i asked. “Four mounths. ” she said.  “You got pregnant not long before i was hospitalized.  ” i said. “Yes. Thats true. ” she said. 

I just wanted to process all that had gone on. After a time, she said she was going to let me get some rest. She wanted to hug me. I rebuffed. She left. I just rested and reflected. 

To be continued.  

Next up. 

Tim tries to remember and ajust to his new life while recovering.  Kendra adjust as well. 

The disabled part three

Alison was once very outgoing. She was bubbly.  Sense the accident she was nore reserve. She was aloof.  She still just as bubbly on the outside but she would not let anyone see that side of her. She eas even reserve around her family. She was a little less rigid around them. She was still not quite the same old ali as she had been. 

She was ok w ith the move.  The whole family had suported the move including her. It was a good move for her dad. It was a huge promotion for him. It was a qiuet peacefull area. She liked the animity. In her old town everyone knew her secret.

Her old friends looked at her with pitty.she was liked a broken doll. They lost the respect they had had for her. She did not want to be considered damaged good. She was disabled not deflective.  

She liked tim almost from the beginning.  She was afraid. Afraid of how he would reactt if he knew the extent of her disiablity. 

It was a sunday he preached. She was excited to hear him preach. She liked to get dolled up anyways. She was very girlie. She could not wait to see him.

He arived at the church at the usual time. He was getting things ready for Sunday school. He knew ali and her family came for the morning service not sunday school. He was still woried that he would lose her to a more contempeary church. He tried not to dwell on that too much. It was hard not to. 

After sunday school he saw her family come into the sanctuary. He went over to her. He was always nervous around her. He did not want to be a past. 

It was not just nerves. It was a kind of butterflies in her stomic. He asked hia dad if the butterflies go away. He told him that he still got buterfilies when he saw his mom.  He did not know if that happened for everyone but it did for that.  He hoped that would be how it was for him and ali. 

He tried to get a hold of his whits. He took a deep breath and went over to her. “Hi ali.” he said. “Hi Timmy! ” she said in a playfull tone. “How are you?” he asked. “I am doing good.” she said.

“You look nice today.” he told her. She blushed a bit. “Thank you. ” she said with a huge smile.  “I meen it.” he said.”i know that. You look nice today too. ” she said. He thanked her.

“So are you preachig tonight?” she asked. “Yes indeed. ” he said.”excellent. “She said. 

She liked when he preached. She liked his dad’s preaching but she liked his preaching. She hoped she did not go too overbored with her flirting.  He feared the same thing .

She wanted to see him after the service. She was going to. She had some medical isues that changed her mind. They seemed to leave in a bit of a hurry. She did shake his hand on the way out.  

“I am so glad you all are coming. “Tim told them. They thanked him. He gave her a big smile and she winked at him. He beleved that things were good between them. 

That night,  he saw her and her family.  She came up to him. “Hi Timmy.  ” she said.”hi ally.”he said. She looked fine. Whatever the reason for the family rushing out she seemed fine now. 

“How are you tonight? ” he asked. “I am good..i took a nap this afternoon. I get tired easily.”she said. “I see. Are you feeling regreshed now?” he asked. “I am not planing to fall asleep during your mesege. ” she said. He smiled.  “Well Thats good to hear. First sign of eyes close i get the skirt gun out!” he said. “I realy hope your kidding.  ” she said.  “We will see. ” he said. They both laughing.  

She loved his sense of humor. She loved how he was so playfull. She loved to bantor back and frth with him. He loved her humer. He loved teasing her and being teased by her. He felt so at home with her.she felt the same way. 

She felt like she could be herself around him. She felt safe. She felt like she could let her gourd dowm even if it was for just a bit.  

He went back to the podum and got ready to begin the serice. She really admited him.  It was nice to see him setving the lord in the way he did at a young age.   She liked that about him.

He seemed older then he was. He was 25 but he apeared to be much older. He was mature but he had wisdom. He had the spriruel gift of teaching and posibly preaching as well. He loved the lord. 

He was a bit more comservitive then she was. She hoped he would not mind that she listened to contemporary Christian music and wore pants on ocasion. She was wiling to let him lead should They decide to marry one day. 

Then she got nervous.  Was she kidding ? Could he ever even consider dating her? Was marriage ever really a posibility? Was she getting too far ahead of herself? Was she hoping for something that would never happen.  Was she just kidding herself? She did not know.  

She was nervous. She feared getting too close to him. She feared his rejection. She feared his total acceptance only to be rejected later. She feared him losing interest after he learned the truth. She did not want that. She feared that was what would happen. 

She had to walk away. She could not risk being hurt. The days had been heard sense she was injured in the accident.  She felt like she had to claw her way to where she was now. She wanted to rest in someone else’s arm. She feared no one could accept her. She was content but wanted someone to spend her life with. She wanted it to be tim. Could he accept her. Why couldn’t she had met him before the car accident?  Why now?  

She tried to stay calm. After the service she said hi to him.”i liked your message.  ” she said. “I am glad ally. ” he said. 

“You are going to be used mightily for the lord. ” she said. “I realy hope so. I want to be. I want to do well abd finish well. ” he said. “Keep working at it. Dont give up. Press on. “She advised him.he promised her he would. 

She greated him on her way out. He shock her hand.  He greated her parents and sisters as well. He was glad to see her and her family. He really liked her. He was begining to think about her as a potential wife. He wanted to get to know her more. 

Next up

As tim and aly hang out more,  tim considers a posible future with her. Tim asks her out to a date but she declines due to her medical isues but regrets her decision.  

Alternative election 06 

On what should have been a victorious night for house democratic leader nancy pilosi turned out to be anything but. The democrats picked up enough seats in the house to take control. This would be the first timr srnse 1995 when republican won control for the first time in forty years. Nancy pulosi lost her seat.

In a surprise upset, republican mike denunzio unseated democratic leader nancy pilosi. This was a shock as denunzio receved little mony from the national party. The isues were mostly local politics.  It is beleved that denunzio will not be able to hold the seat. Republicans are considering not defending him in 2008.  

Under the constitution, the speaker of the house of the house does not have to be a house memeber. So far all have. Pilosi could serve without being a memeber. She could run in a special election in a democratic held seat. Members do not. Have to be from the districts they serve.  Congresman howard berman has indicated that he would be wiling to resign his seat so pilosi could run.

If pilosi decided to step aside then it would be wide open. The next in line is staney hoyer of maryland. Pensivania Congresman john Martha is interested in runing. Merpha has been considered a noderate even a conservative.  He has a checkered past. He was involved in Keating five scandial. 

Hoya would make nore sense. He has indicated that he would step aside if pilosi still eantswthe job. Republicans say that they study the matter. They might ask the house parliamentarian to weigh in. 
Legal expert jonathen turley said that there is no constitutional reason that she could not serve. If she won a bi election there would be no issue. Republican might stil make an issue of it. 

The fact that it has never happened might weigh in to the matter. The house parliamentarian would probaly not want to anger the incoming mojority party. The parlimenterian would probably decide to alow pilosi to serve in the top job.

In the senate,democrats also won control of the senate. They have a one seat mojority. Hary reaid of nevada is expected to serve as senate mojority leader. 

There is speculation that outgoing house speaker dennis hasturt will not serve as minority leader. That will lrave the republicans without a leader. Number two joe boner wpuld probably be a top contender. 

In the senate bill frist decided not to seek a third term. Mitch moconnel the number two of Kentucky is expected to seak the top job. 

Democrats are expected to meet on thirsday to elect a floor leader. Nancy pulsi is expected to meet with the top leadership of the democratic cacus. She is also expected to sprak by phone with dnc chairman howard deen. 

Folow up.

Nancy pilosi was elected leader despite not being house leader. President bush convinced republicans not to mount a challenge. She was elected to the house in a special election. 


A denunzio victory is unlikely as sanfransisco is  a heavily drdemocratic area. The posible world theory staes for sonething is happen in our world the alternitive had to happen in abother world thus this post. 

It is an interesting posibility. 

No shoes girl

Brett was the son of a pastor. He was a bible college graduate. He was working at the church as an assistant pastor and youth pastor. He worked a secular job during the week. He had a good reputation at the church. 

Today was the day of the church picnic. Brett and his dad and other men in the church were grilling. Everyone was enjoying themselves. He looked around and he saw someone he did not recognize.  

She was a young lady . she was in her early twenties. She was with amy. Amy was a college student. He did not recognize the young lady who was with her. The lady wore a pink and black skirt. She was barefoot. She had ling brownish hair that was braided into a poney tail. 

He was curious about her. He was not sure why but he knew that he was. He kept griling. After a while, someone else took over. He could go over to see her.  He was really nervous. He wanted to go see her. 

He usualy not self conscious or nervous. This time he was. He tried to remain calm. It was not easy.  He almost turn back. He really wanted to say hello. He decided not to turn back. He went over to her. 

“Hi amy. ” bret said. “Hi bret. ” she said.”bret this is my friend jamie. Jamie this is brett washburn. He is the pastor’s son and assistant pastor. ” amy said. 

“Do i have to call you pastor washburn? ” jamie asked. “Yes. You do!” he said in a jocking tone. Then he added that he was just kidding.  She laughed. 

“Are you a student at biblical university?” he asked. ” yes i am.” she said. “Do you like it there? ” he asked. “I do. ” she said. “I went to fundimental baptist university. ” he said. ” oh no our teams are football rivals. ” she said.  ” not much of a rivalry sense our teams always win. ” he said. She laughed. ” i am not so sure about that?” she said. He chuckled. 

Amy found it interesting that they had really hit it off. She was not expecting that. She was not expecting that she and him would take to eachother. 

After a while they got some hamburgers and hotdogs and other food. They then sat down. Amy found that her monopoly with Jamie seemed to be at an end. She wondered if this would leed to something between them. She suspected that it would. 

“So where did you grow up?” he asked.”i am from riverview. ” she said. “You are from a ways from b.u?” he asked. ” yea. It is a bit of a trek. I dont get home as much as i would like to. ” she said to him. “Why did you decide on b u?” she asked. “I go to belmont lake baptist church. ” she said.”pastor milles lindstrom. That explains it. ” he said. ” he highly recomended it. I am glad i went. ” she said. “I really liked f.b.u. i enjoyed my time there. I miss it. ” he said. 

After the dinner, they threw away there trash. He noticed that she was barefoot the whole time. He never saw her shoes. 

They talked most of the whole afternoon. Amy could not compete. She was ok with that. She would let them talk and get acquainted.  Amy smilled. She wondered if she was witnessing the beginning of a relationships between the two. 

“Look where are your shoes?” he asked. “I dont wear shoes. I go barefoot all the time. ” she said. “You dont wear shoes?” he asked. “No. I dont own shoes. It has four years sence i last owned a pair of shoes. ” she said. 

“You dont own shoes. How can you not own shoes?” he asked. “I hate wearing shoes even flip flops. I found my shoes never stayed on. I decided why do i brother to have shoes. I got rid of them. I have never regreted it. ” she told him. 

“Do they mind at school?” she asked. “No they dont. There was no policy that sated that students have to wear shoes. I talked it over with the faculty and they agreed to let me go barefoot. I work at a library over the sumer. They alow me to go barefoot. I love going barefoot.  I love the feeling of it. No shoes ever. ” she said.

“Your never going to wear shoes again?” he asked. “No. Never. ” she said.  ” i see. I am surprised. I did not know anyone went batefoot any more.” he said. “Yes i do. ” she said. 

He was surprised.  He liked her. It was not that odd he suposed.a wife that went barefoot was not that unusual. 

Bret and Jamie continued to stay in touch . they communicated on the phone or though email and social media. She came to see him on several occasions staying with amy. They hung out most of those weekends. Of course she was barefoot. 

He went to her graduation.  She moved to the same town as her church. She became a member. She was quite active in the church. They began a courtship . after a time he proposed and she agreed. 

They were marred at the church. She was barefoot of course.  She was a traditional kind of wife. He became a pastor of a church not to far from his patents.  She became pregnent with thete first child .she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. A couple years later she had a baby girl..they lived hapily ever after.

The end. 


President elect mccain angry at own voters.

November 2008. 

A few days after the election.  

  last Tuesday,  senator john mccain of Arizona won a surprise upset defeating us senator berak obama of ilinois. He was able to garner 51 percent of vote.

Pols leading up to the election indicated that senator Obama was leading the arizona senator. On election night, mccain took an early leed. It was clear that he was going to win. 

What should have been a joyous occasion for the former prisoner of war turned politician was hardly that. Mccain’s campagn leadership tried to calm down the crowd after thundrous aplause at the mccain victory party.  

Mccain’s victory speech sounded more like a concession speech.  The senator noted that america failled to make history. America needs to have a government where all are represented. He pledged to be the president of all of the people. 

There are unconfirmed reports that the president elect apologized to senator obama. Neither has confirmed that report. 

Now sources within the Mccain campagn say that the president elect got visably angery at his victory. The claim is that while in a private room, he seemed distraught as he heard the returns. 

At one point the senator is rumored to say “come on america! You had the chance to elect the first African anerican president if the united sates and you picked an old white guy? What gives? Are you that racist ?” 

He also reportly was angery at an exit poll from west va that said voters factored in race when deciding who to pull the levor for.  

There are reports that president elect Mccain jokingly asked if he coukd concede to senator Obama anyways. 

This has fuled speculation that mr. Mccain may decide not to seek a second term. Aperently he told the senator from ilinois that he hopes he will make another run for the white house.

Many republicans are not happy with his comments.  House republican leader john boenor said that “the president elect waged a great campagn. He has nothing to be ashamed off. ” 

South Carolina senator jim demint was very perplexed by hia response.  “Who apologizes for winning? A winer does not! ” 

Talk show host rush Limbaugh was flabbergasted.  On his show, he refered to the senator as a sore winner. “You won fair and square senator Mccain.  ” 

Many on the right who were reluctant to support john mcain. Mccain was known for his centrist views and being a moderate. Mccain has run afowell for everything from his advacacy for campagn finance reform to pro imigration and cozzying up to the press.  Mcan took advantage of fracturing of the social conservitive colition formed by preaudent bush to win the nomination.  Though manny pluged there noised,  they did vote for him. Now they feel slighted at his words. 

Vice president elect  sarah palin who is well loved by the right defended her runing mate. “President mccain is mearly pointing out what many are thinking.  No one faught harder for the presidency then john mccain. The fact is that he would have been the first African American president. He is simply acknowledging that fact. ” she said.

South caronlina senator lindsy ghram , a friend and aly defended the president elect. “The new president is trying to set a tone for the nation. He wants to be the president of all the people.  I think it was a good tone.he is not one to spike the football. ” 

Response from the denocrats has been mixed. Congresman john lewis who was a cival rights leader said that he wanted his cake and to eat it too.  Congresman john cornyers of Michigan said that he sounded disingenuous.  

President bush said that the senator waged a good campagn.  He said that he had no reason to be ashamed. He did not understand his shame in wining the election.  Bush said that he believes that mccain is the best. Person to continue to wage the war on terror. 

The new president will have a lot of isues to deal with. The economic downturn and the housing crash will take up most of his agenda when he takes office in january.  He will also have to make decisions on trops in iraq and athganistan. 

The denocrats increased there seats in the house of representatives.  Speaker of the house nancy pilosi will be keeping her job. In the senate,democrats picked up seats in new hampshire,north carolina, Alaska,  oregon, new mexico, Colorado and va.   There will be a divided government. 

Both speaker pilosi and senate mojority leader hary haid have said that they will not be a rubber stamp to the president elect.  

Some fear that speaker pilosi might try to act as a prime minister. Some fear that the president might be a ruber stamp to the congress.  Vice president elect palin said that will not be the case. 


Zoey had a great life. She was loved by her parents.  She was well provided for and cared for. She adored her parents and looked up to her as role models.

Zoey was very smart.  She was talented. She got goos grades in school. She received awards for being a young scholar. Her standardized test scores were very high. She was very athletic but she also liked art. She liked yo draw and paint.  

She was very funy. She liked to joke around. She never got onto trouble.  She stayed home except fot school activities. She enjoyed hanging out with her parents.  

They had always been close. Sense she was a little girl. For the longest time it was just her and her parents. Due to medical complications, her parents did not believe that they could have any more children. When zoey was 11, her mom got pregnant with her sister. When she was 14, she had another sister. 

What zoey did not know waa that she was adopted.  Those she beleved were her parents were not his birth parents. They did not want to keep this from her. They were reluctent to tell her. 

To them,zoey was just as much blood as there other kids. They loved her more then anything.  She loved them.

They were not sure when to tell her. They knew that they probably should have told her long before but they fid not.   

There were multiple reasons why they did not want to tell her. They did not agree with the reasons behind her birth parents decison to put her up for adoption. They did not want to tell her the truth. They were devisated each time they thought about it.  

They knew it would not get any easier.they knew that they had to just do it. She came home from school. They had her favorate cup cakes. She sat down. 

“Sit down hunnie.” her mom said. She sat down.  She had no idea what is going on. “Hunnie, you know that we love you very very much. ” her dad said.”of course i do. You guys are amazing.  ” she said. 

“We do love you more then we could ever say. ” her mom told her. She knew something was up. She had no idea what he was. She was afraid that it might be a health concern. Both her parents were fairly healthy.   There was always that fear. 

She could tell that her parents were fighting back the tears. She had no idea why. She was really spooked. Her parents were very happy people. They were almost never sad. 

She was really confused and now a little scared. “What is going on?” zoey asked. “Well. You see. You were adopted. We adopted you when you were a todler.” her dad said.

Zoey was totaly shocked.  She had no idea that this was what was going on. She never would have thought that this was the case. 

“Im adopted?” she asked.  “Yes. We adopted you. ” her mom said. “Oh my! I had no idea . ” zoey said. “I understand that this is quite a shock. We love you as if you were our us you absolutly are. ” her dad assured her. 

“Do you know who my birth parents are? ” Zoey asked. ” yes we do. “Her dad said.  “They are still alive? ” she asked. “To the best of our knowledge,yes. “Her mom said.

“Do you know why they gave me up for adoption? ” she asked. Her mom took a big gulp. “We do.  ” her dad said.  “What was the reason? ” she asked.  ” well you see . They had a dog. It was your farthers prized dog. Aperently you were alergic to the dog. The doctor said that you and the dog could not co exist in the same time. ” her farther said. 

“They gave me up because i was alergic to the dog. They loved the dog more then me. They chose the dog over me?” she asked.

“I don’t want to speak ill of your parents.  You were well cared for during your early years. ” her mom said. 

Zoey was totaly shocked. She could not believe all of this. “Look we chose you. We love you. We are your parents.  That will never change. ” her dad said.

Zoey cried a lot that night. She recovered from the shock. She loved her adopted parents. They were her real parents as far as she was concerned.  

She wanted to meet her real parents.she just wanted to meet them. She did research. She found them. They still lived in the same house they lived in when she was a baby. 

The summer before she started colege,she drove to the house she spent the first year of her life there. She did not remeber any of it. 

She saw a younger girl . she was about ten. ” hello” she asked.” is your mom and dad home? ” zoey asked. She went inside and got her mom. Her mom came out. 

“Hello! Can i help you?” she asked. “Are you kendra Lester? ” she asked. “Yes i am kendra. Who are you?” she asked. “I am zoey. I wanted to meet you. ” she said. 

“Sarah why dont you go play in the play room with your brothers.keep the dog in the other room ” kendra said. She went to the other room. 

“Are you in colege?” kendra asked. “I huat graduated . i am going this fall. “Zoey said.  “What place did you graduate in?” she asked. ” fith. ” she said. “Good for you. ” kendra said.” are you still alergic to dogs?”she asked. “Yes i am. ” zoey said.

“When did you find out?” she asked.”recently. ” she said the door opened.  Greg entered. “Kend,is someone hear?” greig asked. ” yes . This is Zoey ” kendra said. 

“Who do you know my wife. Wait a minute that zoey?” greg asked.” yes. That Zoey. ” kendra said. “Were your step parents good to you?” he asked. “Yes they are. ” Zoey said. “I am glad to hear that. ” greg said .

She decided to go . she said her goidbyes. Greig walked her out. ” you probably  dont understand our decison to give you up. ” greg said. “It is a bit disconcerting. ” zoey said. ” duke was not just my dog. He was my budy. He has been with me a long time. I know you don’t understand. You seemed to have great step parents. ” Greg said. She did not want to argue with him. 

She could not wait to get back to her parents. They were her real parents as far as she was concerned.  That was all that mattered. 

The end. 

The allergy 

Greg had always been a dog lover. He had a dog sense he was a little. He got duke sense he was a puppy. They were best friends. When he got home from work, duke ran to the door waiting for him. 

On saterdays he and duke walked to a nearby park and then back home. It was there rituel. Saterday mornings, duke ran to the door as a hint hint. Grieg was happy to oblige. He looked froward to it himself. That was saterdays.  Neither one would have it any other way. 

Duke was super friendly.  He liked to go over to people and he let them pet him.he almost never barked. If he barked, he was a quick bark. It was a friendly and playfull bark not an angery one.  

It was Saturday morning when one such person petted duke. It was a young lady naimed kendra. While duke liked everyone for the most part, he seemed to take a special liking for kendra. Kebdra was quite smitten with him. 

“He is a friendly dog.” she said.  ” he is great. He has always been. Sense he was little. ” greg said.  “You certainty are. ” she told the dog as she petted him.  

While he liked meeting people.  He never forgot her. Her image stuck with him. It was a good size  city. He figured that he might never run into her again. He assumed that he would forget about her. She might become a foot note into his history. That was ok. It was how things happen. 

The next city, he saw her.he saw her for several mouths. They said hello. They became closer and closer. They started to talk quite a bit. At first they only talked smal talk. Over time they went deeper. 

After several mounths of runing into her, he asked her out to lunch.they went to an outdoor cafae that welcomed dogs.  There was no way that they were going to exclude duke sense he was the one that brought them together.  

The first date was amazing. Beside love of dogs, they had a lot in common. They decided to go on a second date. The second led to a third and a fouth and fifth  and so on and so forth.  

After a time they decided to become an actual couple. Then after a time of dating he perposed. He put the ring in duke’s coller. She did not see it at first. He waited for her to see it. 

She smiled.  “Whats this?” she asked.he chuckled.  “Thats kind of odd!” he said. She stoped. He got on one knee and proposed..she hugged him and said yes. They kissed. She hugged duke as well. 

At the weding, duke was the best man at the weding.  While some in the church were a bit skidish about having a dog in the church, duke was quite the charmer. He won everyone over. He was a big hit.

The wedding was a huge success.  It was everything they hoped it would be and more. 

Duke was almost like a child. Even a friend or roomate. Duke seemed to be a full fledged member of the family. Some in there iner circle of family and friends were happy for them. They thought it was amazing.  There were manny who were huge fans of it. 

While others thought it went too far. Many feared that the dog was going to be there kid.  Both sets of parents were concerned that the dog replacing a real child. They wanted human grand children. They began to suspect that they were not going to have children. 

Then kendra was late for her period. A pregnancy test revealed that she was indeed pregnant.  After super,she gave him the news.

“Hunnie i have to tell you something! ” she told him. “Ok. Whats up? ” he asked.  “We are having a child.  ” she said. “Really? Thats wonderful ” he said.

He hugged her. He hugged duke.he was really excited. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl. They naimed her zoey grace. 

Zoey was a sweet little girl. She brought a lot of joy to the family.  She and duke got along famously.  They taught her to be gentle. 

Things went great. Zoey seemed to sneze out a lot. She got sick a lot. The doctor did test and discovered that she had an alergic reaction to dogs. 

The doctor told them that zoey could not be around the dog all the time. There was no way that the child could be around the dog . a decision had to be made. 

“What are we going to do ? You heard the doctors. We cant keep both the dog and zo. ” kendra said.he sighed. ” i know.  This is so hard kend. “He told her.  

They gave it a lot of thought.  They considered what to do. They decided to give up zoey for adoption. Gregs brother watched duke while they looked for a suitable family to adopt her.  

As it turned out there was a husband and wife that were able to get pregnant. They were carefully screened by an adoption agentcy. They interviewed the family and decided to let them adopt. 

Kendra kissed zoey. Greg did as well.they were turned over to the Fredicson. They went to get duke. 

Duke got together with abother dog.he had pupies. Zoey thrived with her adopted parents. They loved her and she loved them. 

They would one day tell her the truth.they decided to wait a while. 

The end.


My idea for this came from a post on facebook. Soneone sugested that why does the family get rid of a dog when the kid is alergic. Thus the story is born. 

To me literarure is a way to explore isues. That was the idea behind star trek, twilight zone,  ray Bradbury theater and outer limits etc. 

The disabled part two

Tim was the son of a pastor. He was being mentored by his dad. He and his dad were sharing in the pastoral duties.  They also shared in the preaching.  They traded off preaching.  On a week that he was preaching,  he met a new family. 

This included ali. She was sweet.  She seemed really nice.  She had caught his eye.  He had no idea if it was a momentary thing. He had no idea if something would come of all this. 

Ali liked tim. He seemed nice. At this point they were just checking out churches. One could not base a decision over what church to attend based on how cute the pastor’s son was. 

She knew that her parents would take Manny things into account before deciding on what church to attend.  Ali knew that even if they ended up going there, that hardly ment that they would persue a relationship. 

She had to remember that there were circumstances she had to consider . she had special needs.  That might impact things between her and tim.

For all she knew , tim might have just been friendly.  It might not have ment anything. Even if it did meen anything, it might be a momentary thing. He might lose interest. She decided to dial her enthusiasm back a bit.

She chided herself.  She sometimes let her imagination run wild. She certently did that in this instance. 

She tried to keep her feelings to herself.  She tried to not think what she found herself thinking. She tried to move beyound it. 

The mid week service arived. Tonight his dad was conducting the service. Tim tried to not think about ali. For all he knew, she would not be there. He had no information either way.  

After a light dinner,  everyone in yhe family headed over to the church. He helped his dad get ready for the service.  

The service began at six thirty.  People usualy started to flood in from ten off six to right before the church service started.  Sometimes after the service started at times. Tim saw people start to come in.

Tim and his dad greated people as they came in. Then after a time, ali and her family came in. He had wondered if he would see them again. He thoughts there was a good chance that they would come back. He had no evidence definitively rather or not they would come back. 

Hear they were. They had come back. No assurance that they would become full time attenders or members but this was a good start. This was a good first step. 

His dad went over and greated them. He shock there hands.  “Welcome back. It is good to see you. ” his dad said. “It is good to be hear.” ali’s dad said. They engaged in smal talk for a bit. Then the pastor went back to getting ready for the service.

Tim then went over to greet them. “Hi. How is everyone tonight ” tim asked.his dad shock his hand. “We are doing are you tim?” her dad asked. “Doing good. ” he said.

“Thats good. So do you work as well as go to school?” rick larson asked Tim. “Yes i do. I work as an overnight manager at the shop and go grocery store. ” he said.

“You must keep prety buisy?” mrs larson said. “I do. I dont mind.  I like to keep buisy. ” tim said. ” do you fibd time to sleep? ” ali asked. “Not as much sleep as i like but i make it work. ” he said. “We know what that is like. ” ashly said.

“Do you work as well as attend clases?” tim asked ali. “Yes. I work at the public library.  I work three daysys a week so it work.  I can do homework at the same time. ” she said. “You have plenty of reaerch material. ” tim remarked. “Oh i do. “She said. 

After a few minutes he sat down.the service started.  He realy wanted to get to know her more. The more he talked to her, the more he wanted to get to know her more.  He felt a connection to her. He had no idea if she felt that connection.  It might be all in his head. 

They had just met. It might just be first encounter feelings.he had no idea. He knew he did feel something.  He had a feeling it was not a transitory thing but was something that would endure and build on. He realy hoped that that was the case.  

It was still way too early. He probably should not alow his mind to go there. He did never the less. He let his mind wonder. He wondered, could this be the future Mrs watters. He tried to not keep thinking things like that. He still did despite his attempts not to. 

The service started.  His dad started the service off with announcement then he opened in prayer. Ali was glad that they had come back. She was glad to see him.she was glad that she got to talk to him.

She noticed that his dad’s preaching style was very simular to tim. She wondered if tim patterned his preaching after his dad. They seem to have verry similar personalities.  She liked the elder watters preaching,  she really liked Tim’s.  Both did really well.

She was one who paid attention to detail during surmons. She was an avid note taker. He was preaching on the life of abraham.he preached on the battle of the kings . this was when Abraham rescued lot. She was really focused on the message. 

She felt that she liked the message. She felt that she would be spritualy fed at this church. She knew that her parents had not yet made a final decision rather or not they would attend hear. It seemed promising that they would.  She suspected that this might become there permanent church home. She was starting to hope it would be. 

During the prayer time the men and women split up.  The ladies stayed in the sanctuary.  The men went down in the basement. The two groups split into smaller prayer groups from there.

Tim joined his dad, rick larson and a few others. He liked rick. He seemed like a nice guy. He thought like he would be a great farther in law. That was thoughts for another time. 

After the prayer time,he talked to rick larson. “So, are you adjusting to livng in the area?” he asked rick. “So far. So far i have not had time to notice the area but so fat so good. What i have seen of the area,i like. We lived on a good street. It semms qiet. ” he said. 

“That end of morisville is fairly qiet.”the pastor said. “That seems to be true.”rick said. ” you picked a good neighborhood. ” tim told him. ” thats what i have gathered.” rick said. 

Aftet a while,they went upstairs. The pastor closed the service in prayer. The service was adjurned. Alli realized that she needed a “break” she was going to seek out her mom for help. Tim headed for her. 

Shr tried to keep away from him. At least until she had had her “medicine” . she was able to wisper to her mom. They left the room.

He really hoped to be able to be able to talk yo hher  before she left.after a few minutes she came back in. She seemed different.  “Hey! How are you?” she asked. “Really good. You?” he asked.”i am doing well.  ” he said.

“Did you have clases today? ” she asked. “This morning.i try to have a light shedule on wendsday becuase the service. ” he said. “Makes sense.  “She said. “Did you have clases today?” he asked. “I have two.  I get out at three. I had plenty of time. ” she said.  “Thats good. ” he said. 

She said her goodbyes. They left. He did really like het. The more he talked to her, the more he liked her. He hoped that she felt the same way. He suspected she did.

They went home form church. She did like him. Right now it was a simple crush and she knew it. She also knew that it could change. 

She went to see her sister. ” ash! Do you think  i am marriage material? ” ali asked. Ashly saw the hurt in her eyes. Ashly gave her a great big hug. “Of course you are. You will make a great wife!” ashly said. 

“Will anyone give me a chance? ” ali asked. “It might not be as big of an issue as you think it is. Tim seems like a really good guy.  ” Ashley said.” what if he cant get passed it?” she asked. “Give him a chance. You never know until you try. It is a risk. You have to decide what is a bigger risk. What do you fear more.  Risking embarrassment, heartbreak or risking tim slipping away.  What if someone else gets to him? Are you ok with that?” ashley said.

“I wont be able to keep this from him forever.  ” ali said. “He will find out eventually. That is unavoidible. ” ashley said. ” yea. I know your right.” she said. 

Alison was not sure what to do next. She would consider both options. She hoped that he and her did have a chance. She had her doubts. She really wanted it to work out for them. She really did. She was not certin.

If he rejected her,would she be ok with that? She really had bo idea. A part of her really wanted to avoid him. She wanted to run away..she really did not want to do that. She had no idea what she would do. Only time would tell. 

Next up

Ali considers rather or not to pursue a relationship with tim. Tim likes her with every time he spends with her. He has no clue about her secreet.